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Embrace the connected world

Simply M2M

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an immense phenomenon right now and M2M connectivity plays an integral part in enabling IoT to progress the way it should. At N’osairis we foresee and understand that the IoT wave will hit the emerging Asian countries sooner than later and are in the forefront of enabling organizations to embrace IoT by providing dedicated M2M managed solutions/services.

We are an organization formed in the dawn of 2009, our single covet was to embrace the rapid growth of the cellular data network to be used as a connectivity medium for organizations which required a dedicated M2M service.

In all these years we come to understand that M2M is not just about providing connectivity between two end-points but a fundamental component in realizing the connected world – a phenomenon that is now popularly known as the Internet Of Things (IoT).

No Books, No Rules
Simply Great Services

To be recognized as a Pan Asian leader of M2M Managed Connectivity Services.

We uphold our principle that M2M managed services is not just about providing managed connectivity between two machines, it is about providing a platform for organizations small, medium or big to be able to connect two end-points cost-effectively and reliably without having to compromise on the security and uptime of the connectivity. We achieve this at N’osairis through building our very own Managed Connectivity Framework which enforces our managed services solution to be highly secured, reliable yet cost-effective.

Our services come with the highest uptime SLAs as our private/public network is built across multiple leading 3G/4G mobile network operators here in Malaysia; this enables our services to have high resiliency and nationwide ready access.

We aim to add more mobile network providers from other emerging countries (Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand) into our framework to realize our ultimate goal of being leading pan-Asian M2M managed services solution provider.

What We Do

We enable our customers to leverage on the N’osairis Managed Connectivity Framework which gives them easy access and freedom to deploy their IoT applications, remote branches and mobile devices anywhere nationwide without needing to worry about the technicality and complexity of what is otherwise a capital heavy technology investment.

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